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You wouldn't gamble your life away, why gamble your assets?

When you scratch a lottery ticket, you know that your chances of winning the lotto are pretty slim... but spending a dollar or two may be worth it to you if the payoff is great enough. Insurance is a lot like that. You pay premiums not because you expect to get into an accident today or lose your home in a fire next month, but because of the peace of mind it offers knowing you're financially protected if and when it does happen. You don't have to suffer a loss alone.

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Automobile Insurance

Auto Insurance is mandatory by law. Driving without valid car insurance is illegal in the US. In the event of an accident, state law mandated the responsible party to restore the injured party to the same financial position as before the accident. Car Insurance provides bodily injury (medical) and property damage coverage (i.e. the car, fence, wall) to third parties, the other people directly effected as a result of the loss. This coverage is known as Liability Coverage; third party coverage.

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Homeowners Insurance

Owning a home comes with a lot of responsibly and financial costs. Homeowners pay significant amounts of money for their mortgage, property taxes, and furnishings. It might as well be their biggest financial investment/asset and why not make sure that it is property protected in case of an unexpected covered loss such as a "FIRE" occurs. Homeowners insurance allows you to transfer the risk of having to rebuild your home all on you own to an insurance carrier for a small fee. Find out more about securing your home, your family and your personal property from lives un-expectancies.

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Commercial Insurance

Commercial Insurance and Automobile Insurance share many similarities. Coverage's between a Commercial Auto Policies and a Personal Auto Policies consist of the same liability and property damage for third party as well as ones own property. Despite their similarities, commercial and personal auto insurance are completely different programs. Commercial auto policies are for business owners that operate their vehicles in the course of work. Commercial auto policies allow for higher liability limits as well as the ease of insuring multiple vehicles and drivers in a single policy.

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Motorcycle Insurance

Like Automobile Insurance, Motorcycles need to have insurance coverage if on California Roadways. We work with multiple insurance carriers that specialize in insuring different types of toys such as ATV's, scooters, custom and racing bikes. We work with carriers who provide comprehensive coverage packages all at rates you can afford.